Business Automation Masterclass

Creating a business system that works so well that you don’t have to
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What will you learn?

With a tried and tested methodology, you would be guided through live and interactive sessions, where all your queries would be answered. You will explore how businesses are being transformed by simple steps. This course is firstly changing the mindset that business is a one-person show. Then it helps to identify the bottlenecks in the business growth and draws a road map for running your business in autopilot mode with case studies. We have simple techniques for scaling up your business that are easy to implement



Delivering accelerated, sustained, and profitable growth the in professional and personal sphere

6 months course


Ensuring that whatever is taught reaches you helps you with implementations

Hands-on material with follow-ups


Ensure that everything that is taught here is comprehended and implemented

Personalized mentoring


Solving problems unique to your business, making BAM a smooth ride

Proper System to Implement


Training of tools and software to automate your business and its processes

Who should join?

Family oriented people

Busy business people

Growth Seekers

Entrepreneurs with time-crunch

People stuck in cycles

Super busy professionals

About Course

The harder you work in your business, the harder it is to succeed. Put your business on Autopilot and see your business thrive. This is a proven coaching process, to build on greater success and work-life balance, with more freedom to think and enjoy success.

BAM is a learning path that utilizes technology and applications that free you from repetitive tasks, opening up employees for higher-value work, and creating a system for growth and success.

This single course with curated systems and methods and personalized mentoring are more than enough to cover every business’s needs.

What happens in this course?

We start with YOU

Unlike any other course, here we will work on you first. If we want to bring a change to your business, we have to work from the foundation, that is YOU.

Your Business

We help you prepare your business structure, which might be in place, but might have never been jotted down for its functions and deliverables.

System and processes

We would make your systems and processes easy for you, with minimum involvement from your end.


Usually, there is a gap in communicating your needs and accessing the candidates that come for interviews. We will help you with the hiring process.


This course helps you take out marketing processes which are business owners dependent, to a fully functional auto mode


This course will help you build a system, where sales are also not business owner-dependent. We focus on practical techniques to scale high.

Data analysis

If any business wants to grow, they need to work on data to make decisions. This course will teach you and about this data.

Reporting and Feedback

These two systems to are essential for your autopilot business. We will share systems of rewards and fines which work.


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About Speaker

Pushpendra Singh is an eminent business coach, who has an experience of more than 15 years in mentoring, reforming, and reframing businesses. With his experience in the industry in an era that has seen unprecedented digital transformations and working styles, he has prepared a course that will pull you out of everyday business hassles, yet make your business grow and prosper. This course will show you how businesses of all kinds can reform themselves to the automation stage. A stage where entrepreneurs can just be the think tank of the organization, and are freed from the shackles of mundane tasks.

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